Jack Orenstein

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Geophile Consulting
February 2013 -
Consultant: Assisting companies get new software development projects under way: Formulate technology strategy by defining product architecture; Identify relevant open-source software, and define components that need to be built in-house; Assist with design and implementation; Create white papers and presentations documenting the resulting architecture and design.
Akiban Technologies, Inc.
April 2009 -
February 2013
Software Architect: Akiban Server stores data in a novel way: frequently-computed joins are precomputed, stored in a hierarchical structure mapped to ordinary b-trees. Designed and implemented this mapping. Defined and implemented nearly all of the query processing operators comprising the query engine, including all of the operators that deal with the table/hierarchy mapping. Also made several design and implementation contributions to index features: group indexes (an index whose spanning tables within a hierarchy), index intersection (including merge optimizations), selection with bloom filters, spatial indexes.
Hitachi Data Systems
February 2007-
April 2009
Consulting Software Engineer: Continuing to contribute to the design and implementation of the Hitachi Content Archive Platform.
Archivas, Inc.
June 2003-
February 2007
Software Architect: Contributed to the design and implementation of a storage product, ArC, for the archival of data. System is completely distributed, and can be grown by adding nodes, each of which has responsibilities for storage of data, storage of metadata, and request processing. Led design and development of the metadata management component. Several patent applications have been submitted for this work and three patents have been granted so far (#7155466, #7657581, #8566290). Company was acquired by Hitachi Data Systems, and the product is now being sold as the Hitachi Content Archive Platform.
Upromise, Inc.
April 2000-
April 2003
Software Architect: Designed much of the Upromise logical schema. Designed and implemented database abstraction layer for use by Java web and back-office applications. Designed and implemented core applications, matching transactions to members, tracking flow of funds, and investment of member funds with financial partners. Designed and implemented solutions to some of Upromise's hardest scalability problems. Led architecture group which was responsible for database architecture, performance monitoring and tuning, and the design and implementation of software tools.
Mercator, Inc.
September 1999-
February 2000
Architect and Team Leader, Database Access Group: Continued in role following acquisition of Novera by Mercator.
Novera Software, Inc.
August 1996-
September 1999
Architect and Team Leader, Database Access Group: Directed design and implementation of enhancements to object/relational mapping product acquired from Binary Mines, DB Blend (internal name), through four major releases. Development tools built for DB Blend were used throughout the entire Novera product line. Company was acquired by Mercator, Inc.
Binary Mines, LLC.
April 1996-
August 1996
Founder: Developed pure-Java object/relational mapping product. Designed and implemented collection and relationship libraries, query language, query processor, schema map, and translation algorithms. Company was acquired by Novera Software, Inc.
Geophile, Inc.
April 1996-
Founder: Productized Ph.D. and later research on spatial query processing by creating spatial index library in C++. Licensed to Object Design, Inc. as the ObjectStore Spatial Object Manager; and to Objectivity, Inc., as the Objectivity Spatial Framework. Work for Geophile is done on a part-time basis.
Object Design, Inc. August 1988-
April 1996
One of seven founders of Object Design, Inc. ODI was a publicly traded company, and was acquired by Progress Software, Inc.
Technical Leader, Tools and Connectivity Group: Formulated Object Design's strategy for interoperability with relational databases. Designed overall technical approach to schema mapping, query translation (ObjectStore to SQL and vice versa), and data translation. Supervised team of four engineers designing and implementing one product based on these ideas, DBconnect. Participated in all phases of implementation and deployment from architecture and high level design, through implementation and QA, to maintenance, customer support and documentation. DBconnect was released in December 1995.
Manager and Technical Leader, Collections Group: Designed and implemented original ObjectStore collection library. Designed ObjectStore's query language, DML query processor and optimizer, and implemented the entire runtime portion.
Computer Corporation of America
February 1985-
August 1988
Computer Scientist: Conducted research on object-oriented database systems, data modeling and query processing of spatial data, (PROBE project); and persistence in programming languages, (Persistent Ada project). Architect of the PROBE breadboard and sample applications. Spatial data structures and algorithms developed for PROBE form the basis of one of the most well-known spatial access methods, (z-order).